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Personal Branding Winner of the Month - Morty Schiller!

“Morty Schiller is one of the nation’s top mail order copywriters.”
Robert W. Bly in ADS THAT SELL: How to Create Advertising That Gets Results

“No question. Morty’s work is at the pinnacle.”
Sig Rosenblum, veteran direct marketing copywriter and creative consultant

“Morty Schiller is an awesome direct mail copywriter -- old school, back when you had to pull three percent or hang up your pencil. And he’s sharp -- knows a lot about blogging and online PR....The world needs writers like Morty Schiller-- truly it does!”
Steve O’Keefe, Author of Complete Guide to Internet Publicity. VP, International Association of Online Communicators

Email: morty@mortyschiller.com Phone: 1-718-253-1043


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